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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many times do I need to use the Body Toning machine before I see results?

    In the first 2 weeks we recommend one session every day for 1 hour.
    Then 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

    You will see a definite change after approximately 10 days.

  2. Are the Slim-at-Home machines safe?

    Our machines go through strict quality control tests and our designs comply with international safety standards in most countries.

    They have a CE accreditation and electronic safety features that make our machines totally safe.

  3. Will I lose weight on the Slim-at-Home machines?

    Sure you will!

    Consistent use of your muscles will require calories.
    The more you use the machine the more you will use calories thus burning fat away.
    The great thing is that you will also tone your muscles at the same time.

    When using the Cellu-Melt machine, the Diathermy heat wraps generate sufficient heat, which causes the body to perspire.
    This treatment causes lymphatic drainage, which directly reduces fat.

    Additional moderate exercise and sensible eating is strongly recommended when trying to lose weight.

  4. I have sports injuries, can I use the Body Toning machines to aid in healing?

    Our Body Toning machines have been specifically designed to help in the healing process.
    These machines apply the correct amount of pulses to carefully exercise and strengthen the injured area.

  5. I'm an elderly person.. can I use the Slim-at-home machines?

As people age, they settle into a more sedative life style, which leads to the progressive onset of fragility and a loss of tone and strength in muscle power.

    This loss of strength may exceed 50% of the strength present during adolescence and early adult life and this loss affects a person’s mobility and balance.

    The loss of strength may curtail their social and other home activities. 

    Loss of balance can also lead to falls and other injuries, which could be as serious as a broken hip.

    EMS applied to the large hip, buttock and thigh muscles can reverse the onset of fragility, by enabling the elderly to regain the tone and strength of these anti-gravity teams of muscles.

    Ems also helps to regain bladder control as we can read in the following testimonial

    " I am a carer of an elderly lady who was seeking Body Toning to lose some 'inches' from her waist due to a sedentary period as a result of a fall. Gwen had suffered a fracture of the left femur and was now substantially less mobile, which along with medication and advanced years caused other medical issues, the main one being nocturnal incontinence. After the first 6-8 sessions on the 'Bel Viso Body Bar' Body Toning machine the improvement was remarkable. Further improvements were noticed during the remaining sessions and continue today. Her sleep pattern has stabilized, she feels better and looks happier. By the way, Gwen has just turned 90!! "

    Frank S. on behalf of Gwen age 90

    Gold Coast

  6. What do the Body Toning machines feel like?

    The sensation of the muscle aerobic and anaerobic contractions feels almost natural.
    The after effects of your Body Toning session can feel as though you have been in a gym work out, but without the pain!

  7. How can I use the EFA attachment for facial toning?

    The EFA electro facial attachment - also known as 'faradic paddle' - is used to strengthen the deeper, stronger facial muscles of jowls, neck & decolletage for a smoother, younger, wrinkles-free appearance!

    Before using your EFA attachment you should apply a layer of ultrasonic gel on the area to be treated. If you are using the EFA attachment on your own, we suggest you'll do it in front  to a mirror. Use constant, slow movements starting from the decolletage up to the jowls.

    DO NOT go any higher then the temple/eye area and any lower then the pectorial/decolletage area.

  8. Is there any type of maintenance needed on the machines?

    Our machines are of the highest quality. Your investment in our machines will give you peace of mind that maintenance would be extremely low or not at all!

  9. Do your machines work worldwide?

    We export our machines to many countries world wide.
    Our machines work on both international standards 110volt and 220volt.

  10. What type of training do I need to use your machines?

    All our machines are extremely simple to use and they all come with

    • fully detailed manual
    • pad-up samples
    • tutorial DVD/Video
    • we also offer training sessions via Skype

  11. How portable are the Slim-at-Home machines?

    All our machines are very light in weight, easily portable and supplied with a sturdy carry case.
    Our fully portable XR8 model can be operated either by batteries or mains and is built into the carry case.

  12. I am a new mum.. can I use the Slim-at-home equipment?

    The benefit of electronic muscle stimulation being that you get a passive workout without risk of injury or fatigue which is particularly beneficial for the mums after child birth to trim, firm and tone your problem areas.

    Post natal toning quickly increases the return of muscle control and strength.

    The machine cannot be used if you are pregnant.
    If you had a Cesarean Birth within 12 months avoid the area

  13. What if for some reason I change my mind after purchasing?


    If a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service, a full refund will be made.

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