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EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation

In normal exercise our brain sends a message to our muscles telling them to contract, this is a voluntary action.

With the 'Bel Viso Body Bar' EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation Body Toning machines this same message is sent from the programme of our fully computerised machine via a set of negative and positive silicon pads which are placed on the motor point of the muscles which in turn contracts and relaxes the muscle, this is called an involuntary muscle action.

Dieting and weight loss can leave your body weak damaged flabby

For the slimming client, EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation can increase body temperature, heart rate and metabolism which promotes energy and fat absorption from the body.

Consistent use of the muscles requires the burning of calories. The more the slimming machine is used, the more calories, and therefore fat, is burned away!

Stimulating the bodies natural fat burning and toning processes with a Bel Viso Body Bar EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation Body Toning machines help to give you a body which is not only lean and firm but healthy too!

For the athlete EMS can increase muscle endurance and strength

EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation treatments can be beneficial to all muscles that are easily exhausted in normal exercise such as the stomach, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

It has been shown to improve strength in conjunction with weight training and relieves the side effects, such as intense muscle spasms and fluid retention, that sportsmen experience following their regular workout.

After normal exercise the muscles become scarred and lose their elasticity and maximum force potential. Electronic muscle stimulation helps to prevent such damage from occurring.


Faradic current can also be used for facial toning

The EFA electro facial attachments also known as 'faradic paddles' are used to strengthen the deeper, stronger facial muscles of jowls, neck and décolletage for a smoother, younger, wrinkles-free appearance!

Before using your EFA attachment you should apply a layer of ultrasonic gel on the area to be treated.

If you are using the EFA attachment on your own, we suggest you'll do it in front to a mirror. Use constant, slow movements starting from the décolletage up to the jowls.

DO NOT go any higher then the temple/eye area.

DO NOT go any lower then the Pectoral/ Décolletage area.

Tips.. Using the Bel Viso Body Bar EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation Body Toning program for 45 minutes at average intensity can be equivalent to three hundred sit-ups, one hundred push-ups, and one hundred scissor lifts



The history of EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation is quite interesting because it goes all the way back to 2500 B.C. which was the time of the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty. Although electricity as we know it was thousands of years from existence, the Egyptians discovered an electric fish that could be used in the treatment of pain.

Records also show that in 46 A.D. the Mesopotamian physician Scribonious Largus prescribed the “Seashore Treatment” for patients who suffered from acute pain. For the treatment, the patient placed a foot on a species of fish which used mild electricity as defence (the electric eel) and the other foot on wet sand thus completing the electric circuit.

The first scientific evidence that current can activate muscle was provided by Luigi Galvani (1791). During the 19th and 20th century researchers studied and documented the exact electrical properties that generate muscle movement. It was discovered that the body functions induced by electrical stimulation caused long- term changes in the muscles.

The first passive slimming machine using the Faradic current was invented by Michael Faraday in the 1920's. The current was initially used for Physio Therapy, tightening and toning the muscles. It wasn't until 1965 when "Pain Mechanism: A New Theory," a paper by Melzack & Wall that was written after a tremendous amount of research, revealed the benefits of electricity used as therapy to the people of today.

For many years the medical profession has been aware of the therapeutic value of EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation in helping to restore and re-educate muscles which have been damaged and in the toning of flabby tissue therefore greatly improving body shape.

The use of the Faradic current stimulates exercise by contracting and relaxing the motor points of the muscle, without being physically active. Olympic athletes & body builders have been utilising EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation to enhance their training for over 20 years increasing muscle tone, strength, endurance also relieving spasms and fluid retention.


EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation: Why, How and When to Apply

normal exercise

Normal physical exercise is controlled by the brain, which acts similar to a computer. It monitors sensory input and recall from memory to compute and send motor nerve messages to the muscles.

Fast traveling, high frequency, action potential impulse rate motor messages activate skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are attached to bones across joints, causing joints to move the body.

Slow traveling, low frequency, action potential impulse rate motor messages activate visceral muscles located within viscera and blood vessels in order to make body organs work and increase the carrying capacity of blood vessels.

natural exercise and EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation

Work performed by muscles is measured by the strength of the pull of muscles (contraction power), the length of pull of the muscle and the time in which the work is performed:

• Contraction power is gained by anaerobic exercise.

• Length of muscular pull is gained by aerobic exercise and by stretching the muscles and increasing the flexibility of joints.

progressive increases of application time of EMS enables

• Aerobic & anaerobic conditioning of the muscles.

• The conditioning of heart & lungs functions due to aerobic exercise. This enables individuals to work longer without tiring.

To increase the capacity to work, muscle-stretching exercises are used to increase length or pull.
To increase the strength of the pull, repetitive training exercise is required.
Stretching also helps to prevent internal muscle tension from rupturing muscle and tendon tissue.

exercise and bone density

Increasing the strength of muscles is directly proportional to the increase in bone thickness.
Increase in general bone density and joint strengthening is also proportional to the workload performed.

exercise and circulatory flow

Muscular exercise substantially increases the general and micro circulatory flow to, from and within the muscles.
Exercise provides a supply of nutrients and oxygen to the body, as well as the removal of lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

exercise and cellular activity

All exercise increases the bio-electrical activity across muscle cells.
This causes increased ionization across the cell walls, which supply and removes the products that maintain muscular exercise.
The increase in vascular flow that occurs is also beneficial in hastening the healing processes.

how the body uses electricity

The body uses minuscule amounts of electricity in two ways:

• To pass currents across cell walls by way of ionization particles, which causes nutrients and waste
  products to pass to and from the cells.

• To generate changing electrical potentials.
  These potentials travel in nerve fibres to initiate and maintain body functions.

For EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation to clone the actions of the body’s natural neural impulses, they are introduced in pulse trains, at the body’s natural functional frequencies (rate).

electrical muscle exercise

EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation is the application of electricity in the form of trains of minuscule pulse charges, which activate exercise in both skeletal and visceral muscle.

EMS-Electric Muscle Stimulation causes skeletal and visceral muscles to work and may also be used to pass nutrients, waste products and gases across cell walls.
Info taken from an article written by:
William James (Jim) Lamers Victorian Registered Physiotherapist

TENS and EMS device designer Copyright July 1999
Published by: TENS Pain Management Centre. Essendon. 3040. Australia

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Facial Muscle Toning is also available with EMS machine