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How It Works?


EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation

In normal exercise our brain sends a message to our muscles telling them to contract, this is a voluntary action.
With the Bel Viso Body Bar EMS Body Toning machines .. read more

Diathermy Heat Body Wraps

The Cellu-Melt Diathermy Heat Body Wraps work wonders in Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction
and assisting Weight Loss!!  Diathermy heat improves the blood .. read more

G5® Massage Therapy Systems

The internationally acclaimed G5® Massage Therapy Systems are the only mechanical massagers 
with 3 unique therapeutic actions for greater benefits
 .. read more

EFA - Electro Facial Attachment - Facial Muscle Toning

The EFA has been specially designed to harness the strength of "EMS Faradic Current" allowing you to
\tone, smooth, lift and firm the deeper muscles of the cheeks, jaw-line, neck, chest.. read more

Business Opportunity


Open your own successful mobile or home-based Beauty Slimming & Wellness business

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